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Literature search on Evolutionary ComputationBBase ©1999-2013, Rasmus K. Ursem
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Note to authors: Please submit your bibliography and contact information - online papers are more frequently cited.

What is BBase?
BBase is a search tool that allows the user to search for conference papers, journal articles, books, and other publications. Besides the search engine BBase also provides a web-interface that let registered users add their own comments and notes to the articles.

The main philosophy in BBase is quality instead of quantity. Hence, this BBase system mainly contains references relevant for people in the evolutionary optimization community.

Linking to BBase
Please use the following code when linking to BBase:

<a href="">Rasmus k. Ursem's BBase</a> - A literature search engine on Evolutionary Computation and related topics.

which on an unordered list looks like this:

What are the features?
  • Simple and advanced search on references.
  • Reads references in the bibtex format.
  • Creates crossreferences so keywords in e.g. an abstract will be linked to lists with other references matching the keyword.
  • Supports synonyms so "algorithms" can be connected to "algorithm". This provides better search results.
  • Allows easy editing of stored references and authors.
  • Author information can be extended with email, link to homepage, link to main download site and comments.
  • Authors can have aliases so e.g. Kenneth De Jong, Kenneth A De Jong and Kenneth DeJong can point to the same references.
  • Authors are listed with collaborators, i.e. other authors they have published with.
  • Supports userlogin that allows readers to add notes and comments to references.
  • Annoted references can be seen by users, which means that you can use BBase as a knowledge base system for your research group.
  • Annoted references can be exported in bibtex format, so you can use your list of read references when writing papers.

Can I get a copy of the BBase system for my own research domain?
Yes you can, however the following licencing rules apply.

BBase is copyrighted (1999-2013) by Rasmus K. Ursem.

BBase should be considered "unsupported" software, in the sense that I do not want to spend any time setting up the system at your server or provide online support.

You are NOT allowed modify the system - this also includes replacing or removing the google ads.

I have the policy that a BBase system should contain references covering a fairly small area. This is simply because the larger search engines (e.g. collection of Computer Science Bibliographies) are so comprehensive that a simple search will yield hundreds of references. Since I don't want competition between BBase systems I have decided that there can only be one BBase system covering an area. (Local systems are allowed as long as they do not try to compete with the public BBase system in that area.)

The current public BBase systems are:
Rasmus K. Ursem's BBase on Evolutionary Computation

If you decide to run a public version of the BBase in your field, you must agree to devote some time in maintaining the system. This includes adding new references, removing duplicates, updating information on authors, linking keywords to synonyms, etc.

What is required to run the BBase system?
a fairly new version PHP and MySQL database.
It can run on relatively old hardware without problems.

It will not be ported (by me) to other platforms/databases.

I would like to thank the following people for devoting a great deal of their time to collecting, arranging, and verifying bibliographies on Evolutionary Computation.
  • Karsten and Nicole Weicker - A collection of more than 4500 references from various fields.
  • William B. Langdon - The massive collection of references in Genetic Programming.
  • Carlos A. Coello Coello - A large collection of references in Multiobjective optimization.
  • Yaochu Jin - A nice collection of references for Fitness Approximation techniques.
  • ... and all the people creating personal bibliographies and bibliographies for various conferences and journals.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who link to BBase. DO NOT CLICK HERE!! WILL DOWNLOAD ENTIRE DATABASE. FOR INTERNET INDEXING PURPOSES ONLY.