List of authors with contact information and last name initial "B"

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Note to authors: Please submit your bibliography and contact information - online papers are more frequently cited.

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Found 43 authors with contact information and last name initial "B".
 Babovic, V.emailonline papers
 Babu, B., V.emailhomepageonline papers
 Bäck, T.homepageonline papers
 Bagnall, A., J.emailhomepageonline papers
 Balakrishnan, K.emailhomepageonline papers
 Ballard, D., H.homepageonline papers
 Baluja, S.emailhomepageonline papers
 Bang, H.-C.emailhomepage
 Banga, J., R.emailhomepageonline papers
 Banzhaf, W.emailhomepageonline papers
 Barbosa, H., J., C.emailhomepage
 Barry, A.emailhomepage
 Bartolomé, B.emailhomepage
 Bastidas, L., A.emailhomepage
 Bazylevych, R., P.emailhomepageonline papers
 Beasley, J., E.emailhomepageonline papers
 Becker, B.emailhomepage
 Belew, R., K.emailhomepage
 Belpaeme, T.emailhomepageonline papers
 Bennett III, F., H.homepage
 Bensusan, H.emailhomepage
 Bentley, P., J.emailhomepageonline papers
 Beretta, M.,
 Bergstrom, A.homepage
 Bersano-Begey, T., F.emailhomepageonline papers
 Bersini, H.homepage
 Bettenhausen, K., papers
 Beyer, H.-G.emailhomepageonline papers
 Biethahn, J.emailhomepageonline papers
 Billings, S., A.emailhomepage
 Bindewald, E.emailhomepageonline papers
 Blackwell, T., M.emailhomepage
 Blickle, T.emailhomepageonline papers
 Bodenhofer, U.emailhomepageonline papers
 Boers, E., J.,
 Bonarini, A.emailhomepage
 Bosman, P., A., N.emailhomepageonline papers
 Branke, J.emailhomepageonline papers
 Buiu, C.emailhomepage
 Bull, L.emailhomepage
 Butz, M., papers

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