List of authors with contact information and last name initial "H"

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Note to authors: Please submit your bibliography and contact information - online papers are more frequently cited.

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Found 30 authors with contact information and last name initial "H".
 Hahn, J., K.emailhomepageonline papers
 Hall, M., A.emailhomepage
 Hallinan, J.emailhomepageonline papers
 Hamida, S.,
 Hansen, N.emailhomepageonline papers
 Hao, J.-K.emailhomepageonline papers
 Harik, G., papers
 Haring, S.emailhomepage
 Hart, W., E.emailhomepageonline papers
 Hart, E.emailhomepageonline papers
 Harvey, I.emailhomepageonline papers
 Hashem, M., M.,
 Haynes, T., D.homepage
 Heckendorn, R., B.emailhomepageonline papers
 Hendler, papers
 Hercog, L., M.emailhomepage
 Herdy, M.emailhomepage
 Herrera, F.emailhomepageonline papers
 Hidalgo, papers
 Hirota, K.emailhomepage
 Holland, J., H.homepage
 Honavar, V.emailhomepageonline papers
 Horn, J.emailhomepageonline papers
 Hu, X.emailhomepageonline papers
 Huang, C.-F.emailhomepageonline papers
 Huelsbergen, L.emailhomepageonline papers
 Huhse, J.emailhomepageonline papers
 Husbands, P.emailhomepageonline papers
 Hwang, K.-S.emailhomepage
 Hyötyniemi, H.emailhomepageonline papers

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