List of authors with contact information and last name initial "P"

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Note to authors: Please submit your bibliography and contact information - online papers are more frequently cited.

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Found 35 authors with contact information and last name initial "P".
 Pacheco, M., A.emailhomepage
 Padman, R.emailhomepage
 Paechter, B.emailhomepage
 Page, J.homepage
 Papka, M.emailhomepage
 Paredis, J.emailhomepageonline papers
 Parida, P.,
 Passino, K., M.emailhomepageonline papers
 Pasupathy, T., M.,
 Paterson, N., R.emailhomepageonline papers
 Patton, R., J.emailhomepage
 Paul, T., K.emailhomepage
 Pelikan, M.emailhomepageonline papers
 Peña-Reyes, C.-A.emailhomepageonline papers
 Pereira, F.emailhomepage
 Pereira, A., papers
 Petrowski, A.emailhomepageonline papers
 Petry, F., E.emailhomepage
 Pettey, C., C.emailhomepage
 Pillay, P.emailhomepage
 Pizzuti, C.emailhomepageonline papers
 Pohlheim, H.emailhomepageonline papers
 Polani, D.emailhomepageonline papers
 Poli, R.homepageonline papers
 Pollack, J., B.emailhomepageonline papers
 Porto, V., W.homepage
 Potter, M., A.emailhomepageonline papers
 Prager, R.emailhomepage
 Prasad, M.,
 Pratap, A.emailhomepageonline papers
 Preux, P.emailhomepageonline papers
 Prinetto, papers
 Prügel-Bennett, A.emailhomepageonline papers
 Pujol, J., C., F.emailhomepageonline papers
 Punch III, W., F.emailhomepage

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