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Full name: Alan C. Schultz  Submit author info
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Publications: Found 25 publications.
Collaborators: Adams, W., Agah, A., Balakrishnan, K., Bugajska, M., D., Bull, L., Burke, E., K., Cantú-Paz, E., Collins, D., J., Davis, D., Gittens, S., Grefenstette, C., L., R., J., J., Grefenstette, J., Grefenstette, J., J., Grefenstettte, J., J., Grefestette, J., J., Honavar, V., Jong, K., A., D., Jonoska, N., Langdon, W., B., Mathias, K., Miller, J., F., Mintz, F., Moriarty, D., E., Poli, R., Potter, M., A., Ramsey, C., L., Roy, R., Rudolph, G., Trafton, J., G., Wegener, J., Wu, A., S.