Welcome to Passion for food!

I love food!
In fact, I love food so much that I would probably have ended up being a cook if I wasn't so interested in computers and research. Instead of persuing a career in cooking, I'm devoting a lot of my spare time to cooking, baking, grilling and other "gastro" adventures.


What is this site?

This site is a collection of recipies, tips, and tricks on various aspects of how to tickle your tastebuds. I've tried to season it with a mild layer of humor and stories of how I had to struggle to avoid the badlands of wasted effort and catastrophic results. I've tried to categorize my efforts under the following main headlines.

  • Kitchen tricks - general tips and tricks in the kitchen.
  • Cooking - stuff that mainly involves pots and pans. (under development)
  • Grilling - stuff that mainly involves open fire. (under development)
  • Baking - stuff that mainly involves an oven (surprise-surprise!).